Monday, June 13, 2016

NOBs News: Who Scores Last Wins! Rule 1 of Old Boys Rugby

What a spectacular day for Rugby on Sunday.  Thanks to all that made the game allowing us to play a good full 15 aside game.  Bruce County was the victor with some strong running plays and some loose ball on our side.  But, in the spirit of Old Boys, last score wins! So a moral victory in the end for the NOB’s side.  The NOBS ranks were filled out with the addition of some GITS, our friends from Lockport/Buffalo, Hammer Town, along with a few Centaurs to round it out.   Our scrumming  and rucking were strong, which gave us good possession.  We scored a couple of nice trys in the game moving the ball well between the forwards and backs (some of which were forwards).  Bruce County took full advantage of our miscues making all the difference.  After the match Craig, Yohan and Andy provided a fine pasta and salad meal enjoyed by all. 


There were some new and familiar faces out with the NOBS on Sunday, we want to see you out again (John, Rob,  Alex to name a few)!  In the fall, we will be looking for a date to go to Bruce County and enjoy another game against a good side.  In the meantime, there is no planned game this coming weekend for the NOBs (June 18-19).  At Grimsby they are hosting an old boys game on June 18th as part of their club’s 40th celebration (all welcome, festival coverage). 


Our next fixture is on Saturday, June 24th – Centaur’s Alumni game.  When I get the details I will pass them on…otherwise there is regular touch Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday to keep you fit. 








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