Friday, January 11, 2019

NOBS News: Touch and AGM

It’s Friday night in Burlington and things are happening, or not, because I am emailing you lot!

Just a reminder that touch on Sunday is indoors (Dome 1).  Based on last week, we are able to get into the dome for 12:30, plan on getting there for 12;15 then we can get 1.5 hours of activity because we will do finish at 2:00.  We have the dome for Jan 20th as well.

Bring a WHITE and DARK shirt for easy team making.  If you are not a park of the Tuesday/Thursday 4:00 –5:00 crowd bring $5.00.  (Kevin, I will be there Sunday so don’t forget your $5 bucks).

Final note  
The NOBs AGM will be held Sunday Jan 20 after Touch starting at 2:30.  
The agenda is as follows:
  • Annual Reports from Executive (20 min)
  • Open Discussion (20 min)
  • Election (10 min) 
    • President
    • V-P
    • Financial
    • Secretary
    • Social
    • Fixtures
    • At Large
If you have a topic you want to discuss please send me your suggestion
  • Touch tour
  • Use of available funds
  • Etc…
Also if you are interested being part of the executive let me know before the 20th.  

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Fwd: NOBs News: Sunday touch update

Just a reminder we will be in Dome for touch - be ready to go before 1:00.  There may not be anything on beforehand, so we might squeeze in a warmup!

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From: Philip Gray <>
Date: January 4, 2019 at 5:27:18 PM EST
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Subject: NOBs News: Sunday touch update

For Jan 6,13 and 20 touch on Sunday will be in Dome 1. Nick was able to get a discounted rate!  Same 1:00 time, less mud!   For those that are signed up up for Thursday and Tuesday it is free, for others $5.00/session.  What a deal!

Make sure you bring a WHITE AND DARK shirt so we can make teams.


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Friday, January 4, 2019

NOBs News: Sunday touch update

For Jan 6,13 and 20 touch on Sunday will be in Dome 1. Nick was able to get a discounted rate! Same 1:00 time, less mud! For those that are signed up up for Thursday and Tuesday it is free, for others $5.00/session. What a deal!

Make sure you bring a WHITE AND DARK shirt so we can make teams.


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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

NOBS News: NOBS Dome 2 - Start Date Thurs JAN 3rd @ 4.00pm

Happy New Years - I hope everyone had a good start to the year. We have
had a couple of good touch outings over the holidays. Please see Nick¹s
note below for Thursday touch.

On 2019-01-02, 12:09 PM, "Nicholas Parks" <> wrote:

>Gentlemen & Ladies, Winter Dome starts TOMORROW at 4.00pm! All those who
>have signed up ( or plan to sign up ) for Thursdays see you there! Since
>there is an extra Thursday ( 16 v 15 ), I think it would be fair to open
>it up tomorrow for those who have signed up for Tuesdays only, as well.
>SoŠ.. open for all Tuesday signees & Thursday signees!!! If anyone else
>can make it, great! Usual fee for Pay to Play. Nick ( Please pass along
>to anyone I have missed off )

On another note, my understanding is the Slye Fox will be showing the
6-nations game coming up. I am not sure of the details, so if someone has
them let me know and I will share them with the group. Things start at the
beginning of Feb so there is still time to figure this ot.


Thursday, December 27, 2018

NOBs News: Sunday touch - yes

My goodness - Yes there is Touch Sunday at 1:00, one missing piece of info in an email and the sky is falling. Nice to see people read their emails!

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Centaurs Pub Crawl Jan 12th

Dear All,

The Centaurs are holding an 80's Ski Pub Crawl on Jan 12th..if anyone is interested in attending please contact Terri-Lyn on the e-mail address given in the forwarded message below.

Best Regards,


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From: Terri-Lyn Burns <>

Subject: Re: Social Rep Committee

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

We have the 80s ski pub crawl coming up on Jan 12th! 
We need members, friends and family to come! We have spaces for 48 people and Ideally we would like to get people to pay in advance through e transfer and Pete will keep track of that. 

Would you guys be able to message, email and post of Facebook (including the women's Facebook page) about the event to promote it and get the word out please. 

Terri-Lyn Jones, CAT(C), C.Ped
Certified Athletic Therapist 
Certified Pedorthist 

On Dec 12, 2018, at 10:44 AM, Terri-Lyn Jones <> wrote:


Thank you expressing interest in helping with the social side of the club this coming year. I am hoping that with everyone's help we can make sure there are socials for every division, and everyone is included. Let me know if you have any ideas for socials or other events! We are always looking for new ideas.

From the Women's side we have Imani and Emma who have agreed to help out. Trevor Atkinson (Atty) is from the Men's side and Derek Wiggins is the rep from the NOBS. Thank you again! We appreciate you committing your time to this!

Some events we have coming up are:

Christmas Carols at the Club Dec 24th
      1-2 PM Santa will meet the Kids
      2-5 PM Christmas Carols will be sung with Goldie leading.
** If anyone would like to help edit the Christmas Carol booklet let me know :-)

80's Ski Pub Crawl on Jan 12th, 2019
       We will be renting a bus and going to four different establishments in Burlington throughout the night. Starts at 7PM at the Clubhouse and we will be boarding the bus at 8PM. Please promote this to your friends, family, dogs, cats, friends cats to try to get as many people out as possible. We have a bus that seats 48 and would love to see it full! 

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas! 


Terri-Lyn Jones, CAT(C), C.Ped
Certified Athletic Therapist
Certified Pedorthist

NOBS NEWS: Gnome Bowl (Dec 31) and New Yeas Day

I good run around the dome yesterday to work off the Christmas pudding and other festive food and drink.  Thanks to Nick P. for organizing the event and for a good turnout.  There are still opportunities to work of the holidays.  

On Dec 31 the Gnome Bowl – 11:30 – sharp so the teams can be selected. The event usually goes to about mid afternoon with a series of games with one team having bragging rights for a year.  It is a good mix of young and old!  Traditionally this is on Jan 1 – but not this year.  (Please correct me if I have the start time wrong).

On New Years day, we are looking at an outdoor touch game at 1:00.  Let see if we have enough to do this.  Let me know if you are in for a New Years Day run.  You could do the Gnome Bowl and a New Years Day run to start the year off!