Monday, June 6, 2016

NOBs News - Siverback Recap, Bruce County coming our way!

Silverbacks Game:

With 10 confirmed on Saturday our numbers dwindled to 6 with 3 having a change in plans (life happens), and one no show, we still made our way to Hamilton to take on the Silverbacks.  We played a good 8 on 8 game, that swelled to 10 on 10, then receded back to 8 on 8.  In the end, the Silverbacks triumphed by one try after 4 x 10 min quarters.   It was a game that looked a lot like touch, but with tackling!  The two hand touch didn’t stop anyone.   Thanks to the Silverbacks for the game and hospitality. 


Now, for the upcoming game – This week Sunday, June 12  at home, 1:00 KO against Bruce County.  Bruce County puts out a good side and deserve a good game.  Several weeks ago we cancelled a game with them because of a lack of numbers, this game will be rescheduled.  In the meantime, we can be gracious hosts and provide them with a good game this Sunday.  We want to have our side sorted by Thursday of this week, so let me know if you are available.   Just a reminder there is no NOBs fixture the following week June 19, but I understand there is a game (all comers) in Grimsby on June 18 as part of their 40th.  I will provide more info later. 


A simple YES will do in response to this email to indicate your availability.   


It was suggested to me that we should look at another way of communicating using “WhatsApp”  it is a smartphone messaging system where you can have groups set up (i.e. NOBs).  Whoever is part of the group will receive the text message and equally any reply goes to everyone – a group chat.  Alternatively, we can look to set up Teamer for the NOBs as a way to confirm players.  I am looking for feedback or a clear preference based on the use of such tech tools.  I have used neither, so have no bias, yet!




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