Monday, October 17, 2016

NOBs News: Oct 22 All Comers Game is ON, Fletches, Field 6, 11:00 KO

An “all comers old boys” game has been confirmed for this Saturday @ October 22.  KO is 11:00 (sharp) on Field 6 up at Fletchers.  For NOBs players, bring you yellow jersey.  GITS are bringing the other set.  Try and be there for 10:30 so we can get the sides sorted out.  You will be subject to parking fees at Fletchers as it is cup day.  As well, we will be collecting a few bucks at the game to cover the referee fee.  This is a great way to wind up the season! But don’t forget about the East/West on Oct 30 in Hamilton.

Please share this with your teams and the more there are the better the game!

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