Thursday, August 4, 2016

NOBs News: Mike Moroney

David asked me to pass on the following….


Yesterday Dermot Fogarty and I visit with Mike Moroney at the Sunrise Assisted Living Home on Erin Mills Parkway just south of the 403 in Mississauga.

Mike is in pretty rough shape with a brain tumour and Parkinsons. However when we arrived there at 11am he was waiting for us in a wheelchair in a guest area. 
While Mike has difficulty speaking, and the Parkinsons means that he has little facial expression, it was evident that he was understanding our conversation. We talked about rugby games of the past, golf and people that we know in common. We spent an hour with him, and in the end he thanked us for coming.

Mike does not receive many visitors and a visit from NOB’s friends evidently lifted his day. I would like to encourage any of the NOB’s who played with Mike, or know him, to spare an hour and drop in to visit him. I would advise you to go with another person as an hour with a basically uncommunicative person is hard work on your own. If someone wishes to go and does not have a partner either Dermot of I would accompany you.

Please contact  Mike's wife Elaine at 905-601-8756, or to set up a time. The best times are 11am until noon, or 5 to 6pm.

David Tait

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