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As you can see, the pursuit of the Gnome Cup is to get underway this Thursday.  If you did "NOT" receive Jacks email from our dome list, let me know as we need to get your name on that list.  We will not be sending out any further Dome news on our general list.  Da Thug  
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Well, the teams are set and the first clash takes place Thurs. Nov 29  7PM  SHARP!


Team colors as shown and PLEASE  everybody wear the right coloured shirt.   You can pick up a cheap set of T- shirts …  The Rugby shop (KONNO)  is selling off all kinds of Tees @ $3 to $4 each  or Mel from RUCKWEAR   can supply quality monogrammed shirts for a team. Get together  and  lets see who will be the best dressed team.  It will be voted on with prizes on the line.


      Team 1                             Team 2                       Team 3                       Team 4


Colour :  Yellow                 Colour : Green             Colour :   Red              Colour  :   Blue


Gareth Williams                 Jon Goldie                   Jason Leek                  Sean Brooks

Nigel Davenport                  Eric Andrae                 Mike  Olney                 Stu Riley

Andrew Don-Wauchope       Barry Goldberg            Nick Parks                   Dave Tait

Peter Wilson                      Dermot Fogarty            Reg Trodd                    Steve Venimore

Ann Lavellee                       Carrie Ciancone           Ali Noble                      Kim Robb

Chris Mant                         John Giulfoyle              Chuck Schandl             Mike Jeffries

John Noble                         Cristina Flores             Jim Newcombe             Keith McIntyre

Kevn Bloska                       Phil Gray                     Colin Gardiner              Rolf Thomas

Gary Hesmer                      Jock McCleary             Craig Morley                Rob Holdaway

Ryan Miller-Hamilton            Mike Howes                Pablo Malacara            Tim Ellis

 Mike Boulanger                   Marc Dumont              Bob Nye                      John Levasseur       

Jack Morrison                      John Nicholls               Mark Winokur              Mark Platt

                                                                            Duane Davis


SCORING :       Try  :                  4 points


                        Bonus  Points :   1 point for scoring 4 or more tries

                                                  1 point  to team losing by no more than 2 tries


   Remember  ..   Ref  decision is Final.   Respect  the Ref  and play in the right spirit.  We're all out there for fun.


    Still some Dome fees owing so please  pay off any debt at earliest


   Jack Morrison  /   Dave Tait

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