Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Good afternoon rugby fans, all across the NOBS World.  A special shout out to NOBS  president Chris Mant, who I understand  is on the mend now.  Get better soon Chris.


Last Sunday, we made our way down the Gardiner / 401 to play the GITS at Sunnybrook Park.  More on that at the end, but let’s first deal with the upcoming events.


We are now into October with a full slate of games to take us to the East / West final on November 4th.   As always touch is being run, every Sunday in Burlington.  Here’s the fixtures.

1.    October 10th, vs. The Staff College @ the Cru.  This is a Wednesday evening game under the lights, kicking off at 6:30pm.  It’s very important to be early, dressed and ready to rumble.

2.    October 14th.  This game is still a TBA to be played in Burlington.  Stay tuned!

3.    October 21st, at Brampton vs. the XLS.  “All are invited to come out and help bolster the XLS numbers!”  A 1pm kickoff.

4.    October 27th, at Markham as it is the annual “Cup Day” classic.   This game is on a Saturday, kicking off at 10:30 to facilitate anyone who would like to scoot up to the Square to catch the Cup Finals.

5.    November 4th, at the Cru.  The 4th Annual East /West Game.  Kickoff is 1pm.  More details on this event in the near future, but with the formation of the GITS, it should be a heated affair.


So, I can hear you.  How did we get on in the battle of Sunnybrook?  We knew we were in trouble when we arrived.  We were relegated to the east pitch, that was barely marked.  NOBS captain Bloska, immediately stated that the game would  proceed under protest and an official complaint  would be filed with the GITS game convener.   Across the pitch was an assemble gang of thugs,  tough guys, hard drinking Scot’s, and people out on probation for the day!   Those were just the supporters.  We knew this was to be a take no prisoners event.  The game saw trys being scored back and forth.  Big hits, and a yellow card issued!   The game  was ended early by the referee with a few minutes to play and one of the combatants sprawled on the field, unable to make it off the pitch under his own steam.  According to the referee, the game ended in a tie!   After the match, the teams gathered in a small dark pub near the corner of Woodbine and Danforth.   At first things were a bit icy, but with a few drinks all was forgotten.  This is rugby after all. Looking forward to our next visit there, a good time was had by all.  Well almost everyone.


This weekend its Thanksgiving, so there is no game, but touch, as always, is on in Burlington.  See you on the pitch at the Cru, Wednesday, Da Thug.





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