Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fw: Great Rugby - The XLs Host in Brampton This Sunday (Oct 21st)!

Folk's here are what the XL'S  have been saying about us.  To the NOBS mobiles and show them what a real rugby team looks like.  Although I must say we are looking forward to sampling another offer of Chuck's day off!   See you in Brampton, and bring your yellow jerseys, Da Thug
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Subject: Great Rugby - The XLs Host in Brampton This Sunday (Oct 21st)!

CALLING ALL XLs (and Wanna-Bees)!!!

This Sunday we host the World at Brampton. Time is running out on this season, so this is a great chance for some great rugby!

The Dastardly NOBs (et al) will all pile into their NOB-mobiles and head up to try and subvert the beauty and majesty that is XL Rugby. A classic battle between dark & evil vs. shiny & good.

We are looking for a great (at least decent) turnout to ward them off. Haul out the old red-and-grey (Mark Radwanski would love to sell you a new one) and come support the side. We are hoping all our good buddies from clubs all over will be there to shore everything up.

Chef Chuck is laying out some grub, and the weather looks soggy and cool; perfect for rugby.

DATE:   Sunday, October 21

PLACE:   Brampton Rugby Field (east side of Kennedy Road in Brampton / north of Derry Road & south of Steeles / enter from south side of Powerade hockey arena). There is a map on the BRFC website -

TIME:   1:00 PM Kick-off

See you on the pitch!

The XLs

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