Monday, July 18, 2016

NOBs News: July and August Events

I hope the summer is going well for everyone.  We are hitting about mid-summer so thought it was a good time for an update on the NOBs and events.  First, business - As you are aware Chuck recently had surgery to remove a tumour.  Needless to say his recovery and well being is utmost.  Chuck has been at the club and looking good (for Chuck that is).  Chuck has decided to step down as President of the NOBs and concentrate 100% on recovery.  The Executive met last week and decided to promote David Tait from Vice President to President, and I have stepped in as Vice President.  The appointments were unanimous and all off the Executive is committed to pitch in where required.   Enough business!

TOUCH – Touch continues Tuesday and Thursday @ 7:00, and Sunday @ 1:00 - Sherwood.    We are having good turnouts!  

CONTACT – Our next contact game is August 14 against the GITS.  Last year we only fielded 3 player for this game – we can’t have a repeat.  So look at your calendar, we will start to beat the drum early for a good turnout.  Tim is starting to fill in the Fall schedule.  We do have the 10-A-Side on September 25.    
SOCIAL – We have a number of upcoming events including our annual soccer game, golf outing and cricket.
Soccer 1 – Friday August 5 (more details to come)
Soccer 2 – Friday August 19 (more details to come)
Golf – Saturday August 20, Hidden Valley, 12:30 (more info to follow)
Cricket – Sunday August 28th (no touch that day) 
Stay tuned…..

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