Monday, July 23, 2012


Good evening everyone, all across the NOBS World.  Big event coming up this Sunday with our 30 Anniversary Day games.  Before we get to that, let's talk about last Saturday and the NOBS  fixture with the Burlington Centaurs alumni, or as they call themselves now; The Barfs!   This was the second annual Alumni game, and a fixture I know the players love to participate in, a full slate of senior men's and woman's games, big crowd,  and a food and beer marquee right behind the NOBS bench! 
  This year we knew we would be in tough with the Centaur lads after we took the 2011 game from them.  The Centaurs had recruited some of the best players from their past teams and were prepared to do battle.  The bigger, younger  Centaur players would prove to be a  handful. 
  Led by captains Allen and Leek, the Nobs turned in one off their finest, disciplined games this writer has seen from this club.  Resplendent in the new NOBS, 30 Anniversary jerseys, the club went toe  to toe, punch for punch, with the Barfs.  To all of you who answered the call last Saturday; well done.   
Next up now is this Sundays 30 Anniversary  games.  The action starts at noon, with the over 60's taking the field.  Looking forward to seeing everyone, Da Thug 

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