Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fw: NOB's Over 50/60's Team for Peterboro - August 18th

Ladies and gentlemen; good evening to you on this hot summers night.  Ah summertime long warm days, when winter is far away.  So tell me; why is it so uncomfortable?  I'm just asking.
  This Saturday at noon we are playing the Centaurs Alumni Team.  Please be at the field by 11:30.  It's all hands on deck. 
  The next Sunday, the 29th, it is our 30th Anniversary games, with our over 60's game starting things off at noon.  We've already heard from Mike Morony and former Irish player Terry Burke are planning on attending.  Alan Lloyd is flying in from England to take in the festivities.  Come on out and join in.  Now if your in your 60's and still looking for more rugby action this summer, Dave Tait is looking to put together a squad to travel to Peterborough for this years Platinum Oldies.  Everything you need to know is in the email below.
 One last thing you should know.  Larry Doyle wants you to know that the very next day, August the 19th is our annual Cricket match.   More on that event in the near future. 
  See you on Saturday in Burlington, Da Thug
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From: David Tait
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Subject: NOB's Over 50/60's Team for Peterboro - August 18th

Craig, can you please send this out on my behalf.



Some of you will well remember the Platinum Oldies in Peterboro of the past. They were great weekends and the NOB's were the heart and soul of the tournament.

I am working on putting a NOBs team (over 60's, but some of whom might play in the over 50's as well) together for the next event which will take place on August 18th at Peterboro's new field and clubhouse.

I have a few confirmed: Myself/McIntyre/Dermott(if fit)/Morrison/Parks/Bazz/Wooley.

However, I am looking for commitments from:

Jeffries/Guilfoyle/Morony/Morgan/Newcombe/Fleck/Miller/Nye/Thomas/Gardiner/ and any others that I have not thought of. All are welcome.

We are planning to drive down on the Saturday morning, games start at 12 noon. There is a dinner on the Saturday evening. Some will stay over until Sunday morning and others will return on Saturday.

Please advise your availability, and preferred time of return.

David Tait

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