Sunday, December 3, 2017

NOBs News: New Kit

It has been a number of years since the NOBS have seen some new kit.  Nick Manz has done some work to change this and has been working wiIth Carlsberg for some sponsorship.  The new kit will look great for the annual Florida trip.  There are 4 designs in play at this point.  General feedback has been either 3 or 4.  Always like to hear feedback and witty comments, so take a look and comment away.  Your comments may be taken into consideration….or not!   I am looking for a jersey which we can wear all the time whether opposition is light or dark, that way only one design is required.  

The new kit will be “modern” fabric and fit, so sizes will not be what you are use to.  We will have some equivalent jerseys next Thursday at touch to get sizes sorted out so we don’t end up with a reasonable size profile.  I believe there will be opportunity to purchase your own kit, but details are still to be worked out.

Thanks to Nick for his work on this.


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