Thursday, October 12, 2017

NOBs News: Games and Dome

Just a reminder of the Game this Saturday Oct 18 @ Sherwood 1:00 KO where the Silverbacks and NOBs take on the GITS.  We are the pre-game show before the main event at 3:30 where the Centaurs take on the Yeoman for promotion.  If you have not confirmed, that is ok, just show up for the game.  Berties and Alumni welcome as long as your or over 35.  This is a sanctioned game.

****I need confirmation of players for Wednesday evening for Chambray game 7:00 KO under the lights.  An annual favourite against the military school who may not be the strongest rugby players but they just don't stop coming at you.  Again, this is a sanctioned game.  

Last, but not least is the East/West end of year game at Fletchers on Oct 21st 11:00 KO.  This is an all-comers game.  $10.00 to get into the park (as usual) and we will be asking for a $5.00 match fee.  A sanctioned event.

Dome Starts next week with Tuesday (dome#1) between 6-7.  $75 goes to Rolf.
On Thursday (Dome #1)we have the less formal 6-7 touch ($75) then the more formal league 7-8:30 ($150, including the 6-7 time).  For the League we will enter 2-teams but each week we can change the teams up.  For shirts we will go simple GREEN and WHITE, please bring both colours every time.  I am working with Nick Manz to get the registration sorted up for both teams.  WE NEED TO KNOW IF YOU ARE DOING THE LEAGUE, if you have not let us know already.

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