Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FW: Club Day- May 4th & announcements

Good afternoon rugby enthusiasts.  I have received word from the Burlington Centaurs that they are holding a ruby club day this Saturday, May 4th.   They have extended an invitation [see below photo] for NOBS to come out and join in.  If you’re interested in participating you can either speak directly with Barry Goldberg or contact him at bgoldberg1@cogeco.ca  Da Thug.


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From: Barry Goldberg [mailto:bgoldberg1@cogeco.ca]
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 9:45 AM


Centaurs, Alumni, and Supporters:


Club day has traditionally been a day when a lot of our teams are playing games at home and we encourage all our members to come out and support each other's games.


This year, with the men's and women's games this weekend vs Guelph cancelled and teams not playing at home until mid June, we wanted to bring the club together for some rugby fun and fellowship.


Here's the details :


WHEN :  Sat. May 4th 11:00am - 12:300pm


WHERE : Sherwood Forest Park


WHO : any U8 to NOBS who: 1)participated in any of the winter dome programs, OR 2)has registered for the 2013 outdoor season, OR 3) is maybe thinking about playing this summer.


WHAT : Centaur Rugby Olympics I


WHAT ???? : Teams will be composed of participants from each age group from U8 to Nobs, and they will compete in a series of fun rugby related activities (relays, walking flag rugby, inflatable challenges etc) that all can do. Cleats are not needed if you haven't got them yet (in fact, they're discouraged as we aren't officially allowed on the field until Monday !)


HOW : Please let me know if possible by Thursday if you're participating so the teams can made up prior to Saturday.....and of course let me know how many other family members are coming to cheer so we can make sure we've got enough burgers and hotdogs. If your willing to do some bbq'ing (volunteer hours opportunity)let me know that as well.


WHY : quite simply (and this year's motto)..... ONE CLUB - ONE GAME



Announcements and Reminders :


1) Membership has its privileges, and so attached to this email is a notice of a clothing sale by a company called Throat Threads that is being extended to the Centaur family through Andy Maunder. Great bargains to be had.


2) I am starting to get a second round of people inquiring about Canada/Ireland tickets. I am requesting that if you have ordered tickets, that they be picked up this Tues, Thursday, or Saturday. If you can't make it down then please at least email the funds to me.


I want to make sure all of the first group are taken before ordering more. If you have changed your mind about the number you ordered or if you can no longer attend, I may be able to pass them on to others......but let me know this week.





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